Are your digital channels working together to win you customers?

People spend nearly 80% of their online time on Google and Facebook. That’s why your search and social advertising need to work together seamlessly to reach more customers. Open and independent, the Marin platform brings search and social together – so you see higher returns on digital spend.

  • Follow customers on their complex journeys
    Why is a cross-channel approach so important? You need to make sure your customer’s journey is smooth across channels and devices. Think of purchasing decisions as a path from awareness to conversion. Your message should follow them, and stay with them as you work to keep and expand their business.
  • Gain deep cross-channel insights
    You make better budgeting and planning decisions when you can unify the customer journey across all channels. Marin True Path Attribution brings together in-house, third-party, and cross-channel, helping you base budget, bid, and creative decisions on complete data. This better view also gives CMOs audience-centric insights into program-wide performance.
  • Focus campaigns by audience
    Identify your most valuable audiences, and then target them based on their cross-channel behaviors. Use audience-level reporting to understand your best segments. Refine campaigns and channel use as you uncover the best strategies for driving conversions.
  • Understand customer Goals
    Customize your message and improve targeting using intent signals across channels. The Marin Search Intent tools automatically build out audiences and campaigns based on keyword categories that take signals into account.
  • Strengthen your brand
    Ensure a singular customer experience of your brand and message across search and social when you coordinate campaigns on one cross-channel marketing platform.
  • Allocate budget more effectively
    Use forecasting and scenario planning tools to identify opportunities to improve performance by reallocating budget among channels.
  • Unify reporting
    Turn to a cohesive platform for cross-channel and cross-audience reporting and optimization. A unified dashboard provides visibility into key performance metrics, letting you quickly and effectively compare performance across channels and audiences. Drill down to the campaign, creative, and conversion levels to improve performance and correct issues.
  • Harness the power of perfect audiences
    Does reaching customers with messages tailored to their needs feel like a guessing game? End the guesswork. The Marin platform lets you use more data from more sources to convert high-value audiences into customers. You unlock the full power of digital marketing by harnessing internal and third-party data to create and target audiences across channels.
  • Increase customer lifetime value
    Open the door to more upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Marin lets you automatically define audiences based on their purchase history. As you connect them to other products and offerings, you deepen their loyalty and build higher lifetime value.
  • Share audience signals across channels
    Intent data can be expensive – Marin helps you realize its true value. You use built-in intelligence to apply intent to build audiences across social channels, improving messaging and performance. Plus, search intent audiences can enhance retargeting and help you build look-alike audiences for prospecting.
  • Optimize ad targeting by audience
    Empower your team to focus on customer conversations – without having to worry about channel-specific details. Marin accelerates moving customers through the marketing funnel, from discovery to conversion.
  • Simplify cross-channel audience retargeting
    Are you confident that you’re retargeting effectively? Define audience lists once with Marin Smart TagTM. You can then selectively co-fire tracking pixels to synchronously create common audience lists for targeting across channels, such as Google RLSA. Audience segments receive the kinds of relevant ads that build connection and increase ROI.
  • Connect customers with the right message when it matters most
    Drive better results with more relevant ads. Supercharge performance with tools that take advantage of the dynamic ad formats available in Google and Facebook. With Marin Dynamic Ads, you deliver ads to customers based on their behavior and context. Machine learning and artificial intelligence transform search and social advertising by letting you tailor ads to individuals.
  • Maximize performance faster with cross-channel feed management
    See higher returns from dynamic ads when you power them with enhanced feed management. Marin’s Smart Feed tools help you automatically clean and organize your feed across search and social. Conduct A/B testing on any element of your feed to continually improve conversions.
  • Save time with automated coordination of search and social campaigns
    The Marin Smart Sync tool lets you automatically align your product groups on Google with product sets on Facebook, keeping your efforts coordinated. You gain insights you can use to improve and optimize campaign structures across channels.
  • Increase engagement with ads that stand out
    The Smart Images tool automates the creative process by pulling details from your product feed with up-to-date information at the SKU level. As product feed information changes, creative updates in real time. Easily add a logo, price, or call to action to images that drive higher engagement and more conversions.
  • Increase the lifetime value of customers
    Marin delivers social media marketing tools that let you target and reach customers using data from other channels and third-party sources. Increase top-of-the-funnel volume and quality with broad audience targeting that takes advantage of Google search intent. Personalized ads help you upsell and cross-sell to existing customers.
  • See better results from spend by optimizing budgets automatically
    Boost the spend efficiency of your Facebook campaigns. A proprietary algorithm in Marin Social lets you automatically adjust ad set budgets based on top-performing audiences. When applied with CPA bid rules, the Budget Optimizer maximizes the scale of ad spend while keeping costs at or below targets across ads sets.