Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy for your Business

Having worked with over 600 businesses from multiple industries, INCEPTION team specializes in producing in-depth digital marketing strategies for businesses of any size. This activity can form a part of a more in-depth engagement, or as a standalone service, for businesses who have the internal capabilities of executing the strategy.

  • Full client discovery
    What are your products, services and unique selling points as a business.
  • Customer Growth Development
    Who are your customers and how can they be targeted from digital marketing activities.
  • Competitive Analysis
    What are your key competitors doing from a digital marketing perspective and how effective are they?
  • Full Digital Strategy breakdown
    Broken down over time periods and marketing channels with actionable activities for implementation and execution.
  • Breakdown of the required budget.

As digital marketing has evolved, the ability for businesses to reach potential prospects has increased. Today, businesses have access to vast amounts of data and information using advertising tools such as Google Adwords (and Social Network), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat.