As a SEO company in the region, we aim to build a strong relationship with our clients by delivering their needs. Search Engine Optimization is the art of improving your website so that you climb search engine rankings and increase your online visibility, but we promise so much more.

SEO is a complex system of digital techniques, strategies and practices designed to increase the quantity and quality of online traffic to your website through organic search engine results. With quality SEO, small business owners are able to generate traffic from their target audience through the customer's own searches.

Our Major 7 Steps to make a Successful Digital Campaign

Step 1
Compaign Setup

This phase involves analysis of your site, link structure, code, navigation and content of the website. This phase also includes analyzing your top five competitors on the major search engines and drawing a comparative report.

Step 2
Keywords Research

We conduct extensive research using varied tools and actual search data to find keywords worth your investment. Factors, such as your target clientele, geographic area and nature of your business are kept in mind while finalizing keywords. The keyword research report is sent for your review and approval.

Step 3
Optimizing Pages

The focus is on content optimization through keyword incorporation, LSI, anchor text and interlinking. Pages are specifically optimized according to the different theme of each page/section on your site.

Step 4
Code Optimization

Code is like the 'life support system' of the website. Our SEO specialists analyze the code and rewrite the title tag, description tag, and keyword tag to ensure they are search engine optimized, search engine friendly and most importantly clickable.

Step 5
Building Backlinks

The task is to get smart links from content marketing which promise maximum value in keeping with the changing search engine guidelines. All the links that we get are from a related and clean website. We believe that a low Page Authority link from a related website is better than a one-way link from a random one.

Step 6
Google+, Facebook & Twitter Marketing

We believe social has become a part of search. That's why, all our packages come integrated with a social component to keep your social accounts active and search results truly diversified.

Step 7
Generating Reports & Tracking Rankings

From research and development to reporting and analysis, Page Traffic provides clients with a full range of reports that includes monthly rank reports, extensive excel sheets, and graphs on rankings, ranking trends, traffic flow, click rates, conversions and more.